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disappeared behind closed doors. nick smith joins us live from berkly. nick? >> you know a possible strike is only days away. today board members met face-to-face. both sides tell meeg they hope an agreement can be reached within the next two days. >> if you want us to bargain you have to cooperate. we cannot bargain with our self autos this morning the bart board got an earful from frustrated commuters and union representatives pushing for an agreement. >> we do not want a disruption of service. and hope you do not. >> a looming deadline means bart is closer to uting brakes on service, leaving thousands without a way to get around. >> i hope they get settled soon. i'm starting a new job. i need bart badly. i work in the city. i've got to go to work. >> they issued a notice sunday at midnight. the board held a closed door session to talk about the looming crisis. the first time all board members met since june. >> the boards suggest am excited we want to get this done this weekend. >> we haven't been able to snare a group setting our experience to see if we can make this work. >> closed do
ght. the roarer newspaper shared us this video using tout video sharing app. crews fought the fire using ladder crews, you can see the concerned neighbors looking on as firefhters rushed to the scene of basicallevery time they turned anotherire was breaking out. >> travis air force base sent crews to help battle this, they do now have four units on the scene. we have a view to share with you this, is from one ecuee leaving the neighborhood here. >> many peopl are on the scene just saying they weren't that close, they uld smell it. this is video with the smoke the distance, fire trucks on the scene. flames shooting out from that house there. >> really just terrifying. we want to take you back from a live look. wow, what adifference just hours have made. firefighters have made progress on thisnow we see this plume of smoke. >> les bring in captain bobby silva. fit thanks for joining us. i know over the past couple hours a challenging afternoon. describe wha youncountered when you came on the scene. >> we got on the scene there was a small roadside grass fire that quickly spre to seve
. first the crisis in syria where it is 9:00 a.m. on saturday. abc news is reporting there could be u.s. military action there as soon as this weekend. the president and his staff meeting today and deciding how to respond to the masacre that leav 1400 people with chemical weans and with four u.s. navy ships off the syrian coast, the whe house is leaving little doubt that the ited states would respond with force. >> from the white house, president obama is wighing the options in response to a chemical weapons attack he said syria's government carried outlast week. the president is speaking wit his national security team while assuring americans that a strike against al-assad's government would not pull the u.s. into a long-term conflict. >> we are looking at the possibility of a limited, narrow act and we are not considering open-ended commitment and not csidering boots on the ground approach. >> reporter: military experts say the u.s. is eyeing a measured response in the form of airstrikes in syria's capital. >> don't go after the unit that conducted these attacks. they know who the uni
2 24-7. picture we will get used to. good evening. feds giving the green lot now for the new bay bridge fix which may, may allow it to open on time over the labor day weekend. here's 7 news reporter wayne. >> for years it has been so close we can reach out and touch it. yet so far away from any of us driving on it. when the bay bridge defective bolt through labor day opening into limbo this massive structure began to look more like a figurative question mark. at least until today. >> part is when do you something like this and do it on short notice you need to make sure you can pull it off. >> from randy of the toll bridge program oversight committee more than a ray of hope essentially the announcement of future announcement after public meeting on thursday. >> i think most important thing is that it is earlier than december tenth. >> but not necessarily labor day as originally planned. at the root of this letter from federal highway administration saying shim. temporary fix for the defective bolt will render the new bay bridge safer than the old bay bridge so why not just
>>>. >> good evening, everyone and thanks for joining us. there is a manhunt under way in downtown oakland tonight after four people were shot. police say the shooter and another man were seen breaking into a car on telegraph avenue around 4:00 this afternoon. police say they smashed a car window and stole a purse. witnesses chased off the men, but came back and opened fire. >> i hear a bunch of sirens and i hit the corner and people were there shot. i found out my girl got shot and all of this over a broken window and a few meaningless possessions. it's pointless. >> one of the victims is in critical condition tonight. three others are expected to survive. another shooting in oakland. this one last night. two people were kill and two others wounded after a shooting at a birthday party just after 11:00 near 105th avenue and san le apd row boulevard. police fount three people suffering for gunshot wounds. two died and the third was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. a fourth showed up later at the emergency room. that person is listed in stable condition. a well-known sur
. so far among 36,000 firefighters here there have be two mir injuries. the u.s. forest service is investigating how it started more than a week ago. >> john, thank you. a comnity memorial planned to mourn the loss of a vacation spo use bid famils for almost a century. the fire turned the 91-year-old camp no a pile of ashes and rubble. the video shows what the camp looked like just ys ago and what it looks likeow. most camp buildings have been leveled. the camp was evacuated on tuesday. the staff able to save documents. >> we weren't able to safe everything but were able to get a lot out. >> there is so many memories to share here, you can e mail them to us at you report at a candle light vigil pn forward 8:00 tonight at berkeley civic center park. also today officials close that had city family camp for the rest of the season because of the fire threat. >> a nearly 150,000 acres the rim fire nowranks 13th biggest in state history and doesn't have to go far to mov up that list. so far, it's cost $20 million to fight and taking aite out of the state firefighting budge
just a short time ago to tell us they're not happy with the governor's decision and they wish he'd waited longer. >> it's really the only guarantee to make sure we have train service. >> now governor indicated he will seek a court ordered cooling off period to keep trains running focus will be on getting a deal done. >> we're talking about the economic proposals and hoping to see movement on their part. >> we wish the governor had not made an announcement and he was going to seek a cooling off period because it would have been better if both parties felt pressure necessary to arrive at a deal. >> unions indicated last two days are any sign a final agreement could be far off. >> given 30 days and this seven days with no movement, little resistance to bargaining in good faith it does not serve the purpose whaft public expects nor what members expect. >> we're at the table all day yesterday. >> the lead negotiator told us how it goes when a mediator is invfled. two sides rarely meet >> a lot of times it's down to mediators not across the table. easier to take things from one room to
and finish the trial out. >> the message nearly derailed a serial murder case today. thanks for joining us. >> that is the brother of one of the alleged murder victims. the message here came in the form of a sign. the judge was afraid the jury had seen. vic lee is live tonight tochl plain. vic? >> the sign was on the windshield of a truck here. the brother told us he had erased the signs on friday but the judge was worried the damage had already been done on the day that the prosecution was wrapping up its case. the 79-year-old listened as prosecution delivered closing arguments. he's charged with murdering four prostitutes decades ago. at the hearing larry rogast told us he doesn't want the death penalty for naiso. >> i don't want him going to death row. that is too good for him. there are too many folks in death row. he's got internet access, media access, books, libraries. i want a main line prison without, life without. >> the prosecutor tried to link each of the four victims to naiso by showing a list of the women and momentos including photographs police found at his home, and in a s
be charged with offenses that impose draconian mandatory minimum sentences. >> u.s. attorney for california northern district sat in the front row for holder speech but ducked out revving our request for reaction. the president of the american bar association says federal judges she heard from are in favor of holder plan. >> this is something they want discretionçó. minimum sentencig is one of the most difficult things that they are rivrd to do. >> san francisco da told reporters he's thinking of state wide initial that i have would reduce simple drug possession to miss did he mean or. >> automatically reduce sentence to go one year. i think right thing to do. >> holder did not talk about the federal raids on by area pot dispensary or the fact that federal law contradicts the legalizing of medical mayor juan. defense attorney legalization advocate told me he's delighted by holder position but he suspects the motive. >> it is concept of justice or giving the brick to the lowlp level non-violent criminal. they can't afford the number of prisoners that they have incarcerated. >> holder d
. ordinary people caught in the cross fire, a young woman showed us the view from her window, chaos and bloodshed, too afraid to speak on camera and we spoke with a father and daughter who raced home from work early, their smokey streets a ghost town. >> it's possible to attack anyone, because the streets are empty. so it's still not safe. but it's safe inside the house. >> for us officials it's a nice mare scenario, the key, u.s. allie, over throwing the elected leader and supporters facing off against the hardline military. protesters fought back with rocks and pushed armor's vehicles off the bridge. violence that is now spreading. angry mobs torching 18 churches in retaliation and as night falls an erie silence on the street with a curfew in effect, no one knows what horrors tomorrow will bring. abc news in cairo. >> the final legal challenge of same sex marriage was rejected in today. the u.s. supreme court cleared the way for same sex marriage to resume in california. but opponents argued that the high courts' ruling applied to the couples that took their case to the high court
for us all day today. he reports from near the fire line in the city. >> all day it looked like trouble was coming over the had ill. with the edge of the fire about 4 miles away anxious homeowner stood watch along with crew from the san francisco fire department that parked a rig on canyon drive. for joan the mountain life is a double edge sword. >> no other houses so we enjoy that gorgeous view. then we rz. fichlt goeld goal to create a fire break in front of more populated areas. governor brown paid a visit to tall me to get a briefing and meet firefighters. fichlt so far the rim fire cost california more than 20 million dollars. quickly moving toward the top 10 largest fire in the state. >> this is august. what happens in september in terms of fires. we don't know but i'm sure they cost us money and state of california has that money because we have cut with hillside now barren and the firexd far from done there is a long range concern. supervisor roy is among the residents who decided to evacuate. >> very focus on making sure that things like water quality impacts. mud slid
delay the decision need to be made while using our rider as pawn. if there is a strike bart is hoping to have up to 95 buses available to make limited runs from the walnut creek dublin pleasanton fremont west oakland station. service from concord and san lee 8 drawn may out as well. bay ferry run extra boats. overflow parking available in alameda. golden gate transhave it no additional service but 2 of the boats will be used by bay ferry. car pooling hours will be extended lake they were last in the morning through 7:00 p.m. range of resources for you it's on our web site including alternative transit option as well as real time traffic map. you can also down load the exclusive abc 7 news way traffic app to help you navigate around trouble spots on the roads. follow us on twitter at this web site for breaking news update. we tell you about the app you can use to help you find a ride. 7 news has learned the city of richmond will file suit against chevron tomorrow forever damages relited to the plex as fire almost year ago today. more now from vick lee. >> the explosion and fi
. remember to follow us on twitter for breaking news updates. >>> right now in southern california, authorities are searching for a driver who plowed into a group of beachgoers. it happened at 6:00 tonight at venice boardwalk. 12 people were injured and two critically. the driver did not appear to lose control of the car. the driver kept going and has not been found. >> san francisco police are looking for two suspects in connection with a triple shooting. shots were fired in the bay view district at 1:30 in the afternoon. three victims had driven themselves to the hospital. at san francisco general, officers taped off a white nissan the victims were in. >>> prolonged police arrested more than 200 protestors during a rally against richmond's chevron refinery. they say they jeopardize air quality. they arrested the group after they staged a sit in. today's protest comes after the first anniversary of last year's explosion and fire at the richmond refinery. >> our children have a right to grow up in a healthy and a stress free and risk free environment. with chevron having these inci
a terror warning that shut down u.s. embassies overseas has authorities on alert. >> what police know about a man suspected of driving into a crowd of people in venice beach. abc7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> ama: we are now six hours and counting. another devastating b.a.r.t. strike looms, though talks continue in an attempt to avert the strike. good evening, i'm ama daetz. let's go right to cornell. reporter: there's no settlement yet but there are encouraging signs talks are going well. both sides decided to work through dinner break and have cancelled today's news briefings, this as a midnight strike dead willline closes in. >> thousands of b.a.r.t. riders are holding their breath, waiting to see if monday morning will bring a strike or settlement. >> do not lengthen it and all these people inconvenienced. >> if there's a strike i'll be walking more and staying home more. >> today, both sides were back at the bargaining table to try and avoid a b.a.r.t. strike. b.a.r.t.'s lead negotiator says a settlements possible. >> everybody wants a solution. nobody is saying we're -- we're not
>>> good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. a man connected to a missing woman case is opening up about their relationship from jail. sandra coke's family reported her missing august 4th. >> reporter: from behind the walls of the jail, the man who remains a person of interest in the disappearance of sandra coke spoke exclusively with our media partner. he's in jail for several parole violations. on friday, a judge revoked his parole. he has a long criminal p he had a stay away order to keep him from staying away from sand sandra. coke's family denies the two had any involvement since they dated more than 20 years ago. her sister tania released a statement. he was the last person seen with my sister, but he h. he claims when he wasn't in jail, he was living with coke, sharing her north oakland home. a few said they had seen him on their street over the last few months. >> that's him right there. no doubt about it. that's him. it's kind of bad, real bad. >> i did see him walking tov4 store and back, but he never looked in my direction. >> the manager of uptown liquor
to los angeles in a half an hour. >> the governor signs a law allowing students to use any rest room and locker room they choose. >> sky 7 is live over a possible crime scene along interstate 880 in san jose. a man's body discovered near alameda on ramp. >> our media partner reports a person working on the roof spotted the body. patrol officers say they're signs the man was injured in an accident. prom side investigators have been called. so far the investigation is not blocking traffic there. we'll get you more information just as soon as yek. >> traffic is blocked in the east bay. nasty crashes along both driks of interstate 80 turned the commute into a kroul. >> this is a live picture showing impact. cruise working to clear two separate wrecks. three lanes were blocked between gillman and central avenue. >> they should reopen as soon as accidents are moved. good evening, everybody. >> our other top story... >> the law should never privilege the rights of some citizens over those of others. >> former secretary of state visits the bay area to receive a honor from the american bar as
tells us he's relieved. >> it's been difficult for me, my family. and everybody around me sints accident, because i'm not the same person he suffers from affects of a severe brain injury. he has no sense of smell or taste and says he lacks energy. when struck he was thrown into the air, landing head first on the street. police say witnesses and security video point to world class try athlete meredith kessler as the driver of the black jeep that struck the man. it happened march 27th. he and his wife own this store near the at and t ballpark. he was in a crosswalk police say the suv was turning on to counsel yend. court documents obtained by abc 7 news say that the driver briefly stopped and chekd on the victim, then returned to her vehicle and drove off. a security video shows she stayed a few minutes before she left. the district attorney says that is a crime. >> you have an on bli investigation to stop, identify yourself, if we have people injured, if you're not going to render aid you should try to get someone tols do so. >>> a security camera vealed a black jeep cherokee with a parti
"y rall. >> people depend on bart more than most of us and an app helping you find a ride to work. abc 7 news gets advanced words on a lawsuit to be filed over richmond refinery fire. we'll bring you the angry response. >> in sacramento, two recent train crashes raises questions about the safety of california's own high speed rail system. >> brace yourself for another nightmare on the roadways. a second strike may be a pons yinlt -- possibility. thanks for joining us. >> with an estimated 10% fewer people on vacation, a strike next week is sure to be worse than the last one, just less than a month ago. negotiations have recessed for the day. union officials left talks to attend a rally in downtown oakland. sky 7 is over that rally right now. the workers about embark to bart headquarters. buses and ferries have been lined up in the event of a strike. we have team coverage for you tonight. and nick smith is at the rally. nick, let's start with you. >> danny glover spoke about 15 minutes ago. 500 people here to hear him speak. listen to what he thood say. -- he had to say. this is a view fr
bit. we need to get dialogue going between chief negotiate or and us. >> barts general manager and leader hopeful they can reach an agreement on the points as talk tip through the weekend. bart workers may walk off the job if agreement not in place by sunday night that make a mess of the morning commute. >> union leders want board members bart board members to get more involved in the negotiations and they made that plea today at special meeting of the bart board in oakland this morning. thisen director december appeared behind closed doors. nick smith was there when they came out. >> if you want us to fully fairly bargain then you have to cooperate. we can not bargain with ourselves. >> this morning bart board of direct tr got an earful from frustrated commuters and union representative pushing for an agreement to avoid the potential strike. >> we don't want disruption of service. we hope you don't as well. >> i hope they get it sorted out so it doesn't kilometer to that. >> commuters caught in the middle. looming dead lean means bart that much closer to putting the brake
. traveling across the bridge. sources with knowledge of the probe told us that the air springs called balloon in the rear of the limo somehow deflated. setting off a domino effect that led to the fire. this man manage as garage that services limousine. he explained what most likely happened. when the balloons failed. >> these are air spring not air shock air spring they carry the weight of the car. so now when there is one of them has rupture on it the whole car drops down to basically almost on the tire sought car with the weight bounce down too hard and ended up hitting the gas tank which is right in the spot her here. might have hit the gas tank and then you see when it hit the ground it will create a spark. >> the spark likely ignited the fire. once the chp discovered what caused the fire the agency began its investigation to see if anyone was criminally neglect. they focused on the driver brown and owner of the limousine company. source tell us at the end of july the chp decided there was no evidence to press criminal charges against the 2 men. then suddenly brown estranged wife
to give you a live lack on the bridge you can see the headlights coming toward us. heading to the east bay and it is jam packed. really as it has been all day long. >> san mateo bridge saw increase in eastbound traffic from 8.7% of normal. today they saw 57 percent increase in the east bound traffic for the afternoon commute. >> there were actually fewer cars on the golden gate bridge today but once drivers got past it it was certainly congested. >> north band 101 section from at least golden gate bridge to the san rafael bridge experiencing some extreme congestion today. that is extending into san francisco area and the doyle drive area. >> take a look. traffic tonight on link on boulevard and pre-situated yochlt line of cars trying to snake their way toward the golden gate bridge. solid here. and just short time ago this was how the golden gate bridge looked. still quite a bit of cars there and again the headlights headingto marin. using our ways app you get a sense of traffic across the renal right now and red line show us where really heavy spots are. you can see the approac
and the economy. the bay area council estimates the economic impact. >> a bart strike costs us about $73 million a day. that is people sitting in traffic, having to find other ways to get to work or to get to where they are going. >> reporter: that doesn't include the trickle down effect. bartender says the business depends on people being able to get to work. >> a lot of our customers come in for lunch. if they are not making it to work or telecommunicating from home then we don't have lunch business. >> reporter: fewer customers, fewer dollars. >> the business needs the customers. definitely affects everybody where it hurts. >> reporter: she like so many others hope bart and unions can come to an agreement without striking. >> car pooling could be the key to reducing traffic congestion if there is a strike. officials expect ten percent more traffic this time. many commuters are expected to turn to ride sharing apps to find rides. during the last strike apps saw a 50% increase in drivers and riders. the ride sharing app carma is offering cash back to drivers who sign up to participate. >>> anot
in the days ahead abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> carolyn: thanks for joining us. i'm in tonight for ama daetz. a man connected to a missing woman case is opening up about their relationship. he is talking from jail. sandra coke's family reported her missing august 4th. here's what the map authorities call a peon of interest has to say. >> from behind the lls of the jail, the man who remains a person of interest in the disappearanc and death of criminal defense investigator sandra coke, spoke exclusively with the bay yearews group. randy alana is in jail for parole violations, including not charging his gps, risting arrest and having contact with sandra coke. friday his parole was revoked. alan na has a long criminal past, stay-away order to keep him from seeing coke but heaid the two were in a loving relationship, and, quote, we won'tly talk aut getting married. coke's family denies the twodad any involvement since dating years ago. why would be or anyone else believe what he has to say? but alap na claims when he was not in jail, he was living with coke. sharing her north oakland home.
on tuesda tuesday. 7 news transportation reporter heather is on treasure island for us again fit with a look at the travel alternative. >> during the bay bridge closure -- >> all right obviously we have had a little bit of a problem with heather report we'll try to get back that video and bring it to you but we'll move on for now. >> even though the first full day closure not until thursday you mit want to avoid the bay bridge tomorrow as well particularly in the evening. we have a shot of traffic at the sky way approach. this is about 45 minutes ago. very slow going. highway patrol is likely to begin closing the on ramp to the bay bridge approach well before tomorrow night 8:00 o'clock schedule shut down time now. if you do which is to drive the exclusive abc 7 news ways app will help guide you through the traffic. show you what it can do for you this weekend litter on in this newscast. >> intersection in livermore water blocked for several hours today after a police pursuit of stolen glass truck. driver refused to stop and hit 3 other vehicle before the truck ended up on
at the toll plaza as you can see from this live camera. only vehicles here are being used by crews. the bridge will be closed for another four days and here is a look at san francisco side of the bridge also void of traffic. that is scheduled to happen by 5:00 a.m. tuesday. let's begin our coverage with look at time lapse video you won'see much of a change this in this video. but we're now 22 hours into the project with up to four and a half days before te new bridge opens. we're live now with a lat update from caltrans. >> the toll plaza approach here is basicall an asphalt truck parking lot now for new paving here. this is not a part of the new brge property. but won't it be nice to have a new approach to the land? everything has been going swimmingly so far. work during the closure can be divided into thr main projects. demolition, come police of the road and grinding, paving and striping. that is about it work is progressing well. we have not had hick pz or hitch autos a westbound approach is on the way to being gon trues ar starting on the bridge and worki back towards oakland. this secti
threat will diminish here in just a minuteshl. >> if you capture photos in the bay area you can e mail us or share your images with us at 7 news, we also on twitter. >> wildfire forced two bay area camps to evacuate. the sthird on alert right now. san francisco camp mader cancelled a weekend event for teens. family camp sent 80 students and staff home yesterday. it's now more than 10,000 acres destroying two homes and threatening 2500 more homes, you can't get there on highway 120. it's closed in both directions. our dry conditions played a part in this large grass fire broke out this afternoon at camp parks used by army reserve for training. investigateors say a smoke grenade caught dry grass on fire. 157 acres of grass burned but the fire is out now. if driving along 580 you probably saw the smoke today. >> a jury handed down a guilty verdict in the trial of a serial killer. it was an unusual trial. we're now flif marin county. dan. >> he was back in his cell here probably rethinking that move to act as his own attorney n june i uncovered evidence of a possible fifth vi
-off period. >>> join us at an earlier time on monday morning for updates on back to morning commute. eric thomas and kristen sze will be on the air starting at 4:00 a.m. with a look at traffic. we put together several resources at download our exclusive abc7 waze traffic app. for up-to-the-minute developments on contract negotiations and commute, follow us on twitter at "abc 7 news" bay area. >> now the latest search, sandra koch has not been seen since. authorities found a body along cherry grand road near vacaville. at this moment we do not know whether it is sand drasmt here is the latest from vic lee. >> reporter: the bad news came around 2:30 this afternoon. police nfd that searchers from contra costa county had located a body on the east side of interstate 80 across the highway from lagoon valley park. >> we have confirmed that a body has been located. the body is a female. we are waiting official confirmation on the identity of the body. >> police cordoned off the roadway and started processing the crime scene as they begin winding down the search in operations that b
. we would actually see the cloud level increase slowly in the reservoir giving us efficient time to make the adjustment to the system so there welcome back no disruption in water service to any of our customer customers. >> local world trade center supply can't be used as backck p up. 2 out of 3 hydro-electric power houses have been taken off line to keep firefighters safe. power generated there keeps the lights on at every public building in san francisco and keeps muniv: bus and taken rolling. city buying extra power from pg&e until the fire danger passed. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> all right lets get a check on the very latest conditions at the fair now. spencer is here with that. >> we'll move over to the area of the fire giving you a look at weather conditions there near grove land temperatures at 71 degrees so not very warm. increasing 30 percent win not strong at all out of the west north west 8 miles per hour but remember in these major fires you will find wind gusting generated by the activity of the fire itself within the area of the fire but in the surroundi
with that part of the story for us. nick? >> carolyn, good evening. now that the countdown to the closure is over, the real struggle begins. finding your way in and around the various parts of the bay area that you need to go while avoiding road rage. >> thank you very much. >> not every driver was feeling am ma russ. a bay bridge shutdown meant the drivers who usually use the entrance were turned away. >> just after 7:00 p.m., transportation crews started moving the last of their equipment in place. no detail is being over looked. everything from signs to banners and cones. we just learned the more than 5,000 cones will be used to block off different areas while the bridge is under construction. this is the first time a bridge closure has included weekdays when thousands of drivers are commuting to work or preparing to leave town for the long weekend. >> i guess we will have to go over the golden gate bridge and then the san rafael bridge because we live in vallejo. i am not very happy. >> first of all they should know where all of the resources are. >>abc7 morning news anchor suggest drivers sh
us tonight at 11:00. also join us for live coverage starting at 5:00 a.m. with the morning news anchors eric thomas and kristen sze. >>> in other our developing story, u.s. embassies across the mideast are being slammed shut tonight because what is being called a very active terror plot by al-qaeda. they confirm the terrorist group is planning a massive attack against the u.s. the target is unclear. homeland security is also beefing up presence at airports and train stations and other travel hubs. san francisco police department says they are aware of the state department's terror alert status. they are monitoring various areas of the city and determine if additional resources are necessary. there is increased scrutiny of visitors coming into the united states. these latest measures have been implemented out of an abundance of caution. >> al-qaeda and arabian peninsula is biggest threat to the homeland. they still talk about hitting the west and hitting the homeland. their expertise is chemical explosives, hitting the aviation sector as we saw with the underwear bomber. we are o
will be taking testimony here in the bay area. abc 7 news is live for us in oakland. laura? >> we're there, today, here at the caltrans building we're told the governor's committee will get to it. we're told the governor wants their report done and on the desk by friday. >> with the strike averted for another week, bart workers and supporters took time to rally in oakland wondering if a seven day review of negotiations will come out in their favor. >> i think the governor did it because bart proved inept at bargaining with to us get a deal. we want a contract. we're motivated but there is another agenda going on on bart management side. >> the union claims negotiators barely have been at the table and when they have, have bargained in bad faith. >> we've offered s several proposals. >> the bart spokesperson says the claims are untrue. >> we negotiated good faith put morgue money on the table, raising our salary proposal. so it's thoufl hear them calling it productive. it only went in one direction, that was us. >> the governor is prepared to impose the cooling off. >> this labor expert at uc berk
. vic lee joins us now with the latest. vic, what a story. >> yes. it s now, police showed us all of the ecstasy they confiscated here and it was a large amount. the police chief says good luck, did good timing and good police work. it happened sunday morning on the last day of the music festival. a tenant of an apartment on mission and 29th street called police at 9:00 a.m. saying someone tried to break into the building. responding officers saw a broken wind skbro a blood trail. they followed to it another apartment. >> he answered the door officers observed his hand bleeding. >> they went inside to see if someone else was hurt and saw steven terrell. police found something else. ecstasy. also called molly or mdma. 23 killies of powder, 30,000 pills and 30,000s ndz cash. >> the narcotics on the table over here have a street value in excess of $1.5 million. >> investigators believe mate have been headed to the music festival. it turns out most arrests were only for are alcohol. >> we made a couple arrests not many for possession of what is called dangerous drugs so you know it's
. thank you for joining us. i'm ama dates in for carolyn johnson. this started after a motorcycle crash in oakland and both on highway 24. alan wang is live with the story tonight. alan? >> dan and ama, the eastbound wilder road off-ramp reopened after a six-hour crime scene investigation. but police are still looking for any witnesses who may know what happened on highway 24 is that lead up to the officer-involved shooting. >> sheriff investigators say the suspect vehicle was parked along the eastbound wilder road exit off the highway 24 tunnel. around 4:00 a chp officer investigating an injury hit andun incident saw the car that matched the suspect description. a toolbox was opened next to the front tire and there was front end damage to the silver honda which had no license plates. at some point the officer fired his weapon at the driver and hitting him in the torso. investigators are not saying what lead to the shooting and they will not say whether a motorcycle crash an hour earlier is connected. this is video shot by abc7 on highway 24 around a 3:30. the motorcycle crashed and bur
now as police search for a gunman who shot four people. john alston is live now to tell us what happened. good evening, john. reporter: another violentnd outrageous shooting in thebooks for oakland, happening in daylight on telegraph avenue. started a little after 4:00 with an apparent break-in, in that white car where a window was smashed and a purse was stolen. it ended minutes later across the strt on telegraph, as the bad boy's hair salon where four people were shot. it started when there was a commotion, and a purse was stolen, a man saw that it was his girlfriend's purse and ran down 18th street after two men, cnfronted them, got the pue back, and as he was walkg back to the bad boys salon, he realized there was a shooting. we spoke to him exclusively. >> just running around here looking for them, and before i could get back, i hear a bunch of sirenses and when i hit the corner i see people on the groundnd i found out my girl got shot, and all of this over a brok window and meaningless possessions. it's pointless. reporter: again, four people shot. we understand one is in
, they are staying in a shelter. >> we have little kids with us and they do not need to be there in case we have to evacuate that, you can see flames from our house there. so far it's safe. hopefully it will not go there. >> reporter: the park remains open, highway 120 one of the main ways in and out is closed. abc 7 news. >> as we mentioned the rim fire is posing a threat to power lines and the water supply to the city of san francisco, the fire is now about three miles from the reservoir where the city gets 85% of the water and you can see the haze in the air there. officials report no ash in the water. today, crews made repairs and conducted a damage inspection a hydro electric power company in the area. the city has been able to buy additional power and use existing supplies, we will have the first video of the fire tearing through the family camp. >>> four people including two children were shot today in oak lapp land, it happened at 2:40 this afternoon. the victims were two adults and an 8-year-old and 12-year-old. police have not made any arrests. >>> many questions are unanswered this ev
will be safety use while workers complete the permanent fix. big news but keep in mind this will inconvenience tens of thus of commuters for at least a few days. for that here's nick smith. >> bridge is going to close. >>reporter: it sure is. it wouldn't be a bad idea to start thinking of ways to get to the east by and city without it. >> a little bank in traffic sure i might have to do some surface streets stuff. >>reporter: public transportation agency are announcing contend general situation plan. bart will operate all available cars and calling in extra personnel to chug el the possible commuter crunch and limited overnight service and during non-commute hours bart runs longer trains. then ac trans it. like other bay bridge drivers those behind the wheel of a bus will have to find another way to get pa passengers back and forth. with no service across the bridge ac put a plan in place to newtown bus license so commuters take bart in the city e.driving around in the city is a pain. >>reporter: bay bridge carries 260,000 vehicle a day meaning traffic on the main alternative to san mat
on 5 80. >> during the morning commute hours they use 5 80. truck ban is still in effect. no other truck allowed on 5 80. save asphalt trichblingt at peek time 400 workers on the bridge working in shift 24 hours a day aiming for the scheduled tuesday 5:00 a.m. opening. >> construction scheduled has something called float tonight. breathing room vl in case something goes wrong. very, very slim chance we are not going to make the tuesday morning opening. we have sean nothing yet that indicates we would not make tuesday morning at 5:00 o'clock. >> the only back up this evening at the bay bridge toll plaza the asphalt truck ready to make their delivery. they have about 25 to 30 minute commute from please anton chp says which is pretty good clip keeping construction rate on schedule. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza abc 7 news. >> take a look at this time lapse video from our camera on yurba buena island crew hard at work converting path to new eastern span. bridge scheduled to open to traffic again by 5:00 a.m. tuesday as heather mention the day after labor day. now 101 to the s
and health care costs. those need to be made in order for us to continue to run the system for another 40 years. >> b.a.r.t. reiterated if it were to meet the demands of its unions, b.a.r.t. would have to raise fares. in oakland, lee an melendez, abc 7 news. >>> ridership on the ferries tripled during the earlier b.a.r.t. strike. bay ferry is readying extra ferries in case it happens again. they're asking those to travel in off-peak hours. >> they could travel before 6:30 in the morning and not travel during the 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the ferry building. that would really help. >> meanwhile, bay ferry service from oakland to san fran fra would start earlier and end later if there is another b.a.r.t. walkout, we've put together a full range of resources for you at abc 7 you'll find the latest status on b.a.r.t. talks as well as information on commute alternatives. you can also download our exclusive abc 7 news ways traffic app to help you navigate the freeways. it's all in one spot. go to abc 7 >>> the mayor of campbell is taking a stand and he did it by hosting a blood d
instituted today. earlier violence erupted when the military used force to clear out two areas occupied by supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. they used bulldozers and armored vehicles and teargas to disperse the morsi crowd. they fought back with rocks. a reporter was at the scene of one violent clash. >> there is a lot on fire there and there is very thick black smoke that is likely meant to try to confuse the helicopters and the multiple helicopters circling above. >> morsi demonstrators staged demonstrations since being removed from power. this man said "over our dead bodies we will not leave." the violence prompted the interim vice president to resign. the nobel peace prize inwither says the standoff could have been resolved peacefully and he will not bury responsibility for bloodshed. john carey condemned the violence and said it would not solve the conflict. >> today's events are deplorable and they run counter to egyptian as -- aspirations for peace and general democracy. >> secretary carey said it is a pivotal moment for egypt and it dealt a serious blow to reach some
's review. sources with knowledge of the vestigation tell us their conclusion no criminal charges will be filed against anyone. the chp wanted to see if anyoneas criminally negligent. they focused on the driver and the owner of the company. sources tell us at the end of july the chp decide there'd was no evidence to press criminal charges against the two men, then, suddenly brown's eflt straifrked wife, rachel hernandez brown said the two argued on his cell phone before the fe as he was driving. >> i'm sure cohave saved them. you know? he was too busy on thphone. >> hernandez brown charged her husband was playing music to loudly and not paying attention. investigators renewed their probe of brown. sources tell abc 7 news the chp reviewed a cell phone record determining thate had not been on the phone with his wife during the fire and that interest there was no othe evidence to charge him criminally. the confusion -- conclusion sthait was theesult of a failure. the stretch limousineursed hoo flames. the fire killed five women. four others survived by crawling out of a narrow open t
. the chief sent a memo reminding firefighters of a 4-year-old policy prohibiting the use of recording devices. the fire department says it's a privacy issue. >> you're in a medical crisis. would you want people coming into your home filming everything?o+w&t and phone shallly posting it on facebook? >> the fire department says the pictures have been useful and the department will consider makinghe policy. >> funeral services held today for the 49-year-old woman magda gonzales, killed last week when struck about a tractor at san jose city college. this cut shorlt a mother's dream of helping others like herself. >> hardest thing for her family is to see a life not yet fulfilled. they flew from as far as arizona and texas to remember the 49-year-old san jose resident who was killed while struck by a construction tractor. she'd gone there to register for fall class autos she wanted to become a social worker. and try to help teen-age pregnant women get back on their feet and go in the right direction. as well as work with alcoholics and drug addict autos she was a straight a student she didn't go t
of fires in marin. there are other things i would like to see the money used for. we have a lot poor people and poor health care. >> if marin gets the money the plan is to replace the eucalyptus trees with month are than 200 oak sap ligs. the -- saplings. abc7 news. >> the showdown tonight at san francisco city hall where a group supporting city college is staging a sit in outside mayor ed lee's office. right now about 60 people are still refusing to leave. they have been here for about six hours. the sheriff deputy would issue three disperse sal orders before making arrests. so far they have nottish you -- not issued any. they will take a public stand and it is scheduled to lose next summer. two supporters of city college went to where the mayor was at an event honoring the civil rights movement. they held up signs as the mayor was speaking at the university of san francisco, encouraging him to support overturning the accreditation decision. they had a request to stand off to the side of the room jie. the highlight of the event was for a man many consider a living legend in the struggle fo
a local state of emergency because of the rim fire. short time ago cal fire told us the fair has grown another 10,000 acres. now at 63,000 acres. more than twice the size of san francisco. national inner agency fire center says fourth largest and fast growing wildfire in the country right now. firefighters lose more ground and one percent contained. highway 120 the maniac says to yosemite from the bay area is closed. tim daly starts us off. >> popular strategy for fire crews set back fire move towards the main fire. the main part of the rim fire once again over powers. subpoena highway 120 just 5 miles from yosemite national park rim fair tips hopping the highway with little trouble. helicopters are overhead dropping water here. they are in the visible through the thick smoke. problem with the rim fire moving north as well small town of this city is about 15 miles in that direction. this fire is moving west too toward the community of pine mount lake at the high point there people gather for updates. >> we have everything loaded and ready on trailers and stuff to go if we nee
told us last week, as far as opening date goes, everything is wide open, anything is possible. do expect shorter advance notice than hoped. >> just four days left to reach a deal between bart and unions. negotiations underway right now but if a contract knlt be hammered out workers could strike again as soon as monday. >> this morning a spokesperson says management was ready to burn midnight oil, excuse me, sorry. two unions involved in these negotiations also said the same and it really depends on the mediator and whether or not he thinks progress is being made. they have not come out this morning so we have yet to get updates on the progress f any of the negotiations. the budget committee was spending bart of the morning and afternoon explaining it's proposal to union reps. now, bart says every employee will see a net increase in their salaries. whether or not union accepts it is anyone's guess. but right now, very to tell you, this is a good sign, the fact they're still in there. it's about, few minutes after 6:00. there is still in there. they're in there, we'll be out here re
is being held against her will but is safe and will be returned to us. >> a tip line has been set up. there is also an e mail address, find sandra coke @ all of the information is posted on our web site. >> we're following breaking news right now. skyline college closed for the evening, classes are cancelled. about an hour and a half ago police lockown the campus because of reports of a man near the college with a weapon. about 20 minutes ago the college posted a message letting students know classes have been cancelled. >> they're talking again but there is no indication bart and unions are closer to a deal. negotiators are meeting today. cornell? >> yes. both sides are bargaining once again. with no sign of the settlement or a strike for that matter. short time ago the board issued that statement to avoid a cooling off period bit governor. at this point that teams likely. riders say uncertainty has been stressful. >>. >> i hope everything gets resolved to people can get to work on time. >> get it together so we can get to work. >> both sides returned to bargaining for th
the big clouds of smoke billowing up there. so purists will have to use other entrances if they want to visit the park. >> nannette, thank you we have more information the park will remain open but will take you longer to get there. so what will it be like when you arrive? george warren is in yosemite valley tonight. standing here on the valley floor it's hard to believe that a massive forest fire is burning just five miles outside of the kound dri. the service would like us to help spread the word despite the rim fire yos sem city still open for business. >> the fire that is outside of yosemite is kind of the closest thing. so what's happening is that the fire is being associated with yosemite. and it's outside of the boundaries of yosemite national park. >> camp grounds are full. the crowds are said to be normal. >> we're getting calls and suggest visitors don't cancel the trip to yosemite. >> so far, the biggest impact of the fire has been the closure of highway 120. and unless there is a major shift in the wind the park service suspect next days to be a typical august weekend. >>
the workers. -- >> we apologize for the audio here. we are using the technology to bring that to you and obviously having issues with that. we know from caltrans that the closure went just fine with no problems to report. they are trying to get the work done as quickly as possible. >> in 1963, hundreds of thousands marched on washington for equality and freedom in the civil rights movement. here's a look at what it looks like then and today. the crowds gathered around the reflecting pool 50 years later. they celebrate remarkable progress. news reporter bradley was there. >> let freedom ring. >> half a century later on the same spot where dr. martin luther king delivered the speech, his daughter couldn't help but see who was there with him. >> today we have been honored to have three presidents of the united states. 50 years ago the president did not attend. >> now the president is an african-american. >> because of a march, america became more free and more fair. america changed for you and for me. >> moments before the president spoke, bells rang out across the u.s. to commemorate t
on the spot. where do you want to take your business? call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ can help you do what you do... even better. >> good evening. commuters rely on ac transit are not guaranteed a ride to work tomorrow. but negotiations are going on right now. both sides are meeting with the mediator as we speak. there is progress too. the deadline for one day strike is less than 3 hours from now. ac transit workers ready to walk off the job at midnight. wages and medical benefits still the main sticking point. as many as 200,000 people ride ac transit every day. strike could strand many of those who have no other way to get around. >> our transportation. that's what we rely on. we don't drive. so it's basically our car. so that's what we do. we take the bus everywhere. >> about an hour ago the transit agency said it is optimistic about reaching an agreement. talk could continue past the midnight deadline too. transit employee have been working without a new labor contract since the end of june. agency serves 27 cities
important to us we get this settled because the public does not deserve this. >> both sides are crunching numbers of pay, health care contributions. some riders say, just get it done. >> get too it, folks, and i really think there should be something they should not be allowed to go on strike. >> just think they already get paid pretty good and ought to feel lucky anyway got a job. >> b.a.r.t. ride ores hope those the bargaining table listen. >> if a deal is no is not reached on sunday, that cooling off period will likely happen. >> ama: we will be monitoring the talks all evening with updates at 9:00 and 11:00. and as soon as the judge makes a decision on the cooling-off period we'll bring it to you. >>> join us at an earlier time monday morning for updates on your back-to-work commute. our morning news anchors and the traffic reporter will be on a half hour earlier than usual. at 4:00 a.m. monday on the abc7 7 morning news. >>> family and friendsfriends a missing girl are handing our fliers. her father said she was last seen in the back of her car when he went inside a convince store. t
the news today. >> i use bart four or five days a week. it would cause havoc. we saw what happened last july. >> both sides agreed to extend the contract for one month. the unions went to strike this monday and then the governor stepped in. they think today's order is a delaying tactic that will benefit management. they say they are committed. >> i'm afraid negotiations have stalled. when the 60-day was called. >> as a director i and my colleagues will place pressure on the continuation of negotiations. >> the new deadline is october 10th at midnight. if they don't reach a settlement by then, the governor can't call another cooling-off period and unions could strike. >>> negotiations between bart and its unions wrapped up just a couple hours ago without a deal. when they will come back to the take is not known. cooling-off period, negotiators tell "abc 7 news" the judge's order will are worried they will reach a deal in the for seeable future. >> they were committed to reach a deal but this sunday. >> whatever we can do today is progress. >> may 13th, in bargaining and what is today, au
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